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Silfra fissure- dive between the continents The Europe-Asia continent has created by the Eurasian plate while the North America continent has created by the North American plate. The intersection of these two different tectonic plates of the Eurasian and the North American can be seen in the Thingvellir National Park in Iceland Silfra Fissure is located within Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO site and a must-visit place in Iceland. The whole area is within 50 kilometers from the capital and only a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik. You can go snorkeling and sightseeing in the area on a day tour. Besides, Silfra is neatly located close to multiple highlight attractions in Iceland, it would be impossible to miss other wonderful sights Campingplätze in Thingvellir. Hotels in der Nähe von (KEF) Intl. Flughafen Keflavi Silfra stellt eine Erdöffnung dar, geformt durch die Teilung der Nordamerikanischen und der Eurasischen tektonischen Platte. Diese Öffnung füllte sich mit Gletscherschmelzwasser, welches jahrzehntelang durch den Untergrund, aus erhärtetem und porösen Lavagestein, filterte. Dieser Filterprozess des Gletscherwassers macht Silfra zu einem der klarsten Wasserkörper der Welt mit bis zu 120 m Sichtweite

Silfra fissure The Mid-Atlantic Ridge passing through Þingvellir Silfra is a rift formed in the divergent tectonic boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates and is located in the Þingvallavatn Lake in the Þingvellir National Park in Iceland Silfra Fissure. Diving The World's Clearest Water. Home » Dive Sites » Silfra Fissure. The Silfra Ravine, located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thingvellir National Park, about one hour's drive east from Reykjavik, is one of the world's most spectacular dive sites. The ravine was formed as part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which runs diagonally through the middle of Iceland and. Silfra is a fissure filled with fresh spring water within Þingvellir National Park, and one of the country's most cherished wonders. Snorkelling and diving in its crystal-clear waters is an experience that is both thrilling and relaxing, and it is now considered to be one of the top five dive sites in the world Die Silfra-Spalte (von isl. Silfra ‚Silberne Frau') ist eine spaltenförmige, kilometerlange Verwerfung im isländischen Þingvellir -Nationalpark, die in den Þingvallavatn mündet. Entstanden ist die Spalte durch das Auseinanderdriften der Nordamerikanischen und der Eurasischen Platte. Sie wird jährlich um rund 7 mm breiter

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The Silfra Fissure is connected to the largest natural lake in Iceland, the Lake Þingvallavatn. Being a lake, naturally it has some types of fish. However, for some reason, fish don't venture into the fissure. They believe the reason for this is due to the volcanic activity, or due to the subaquatic currents, or maybe due to the divers who pass there every day The Fissure. The Silfra Fissure is the space between the North American and Eurasian continental plates. This is actually the only place in the world where you can swim between two continental plates. It is incredible geographically, and its water is crystal clear. In fact, it's some of the clearest water anywhere. The underwater visibility in the Silfra Fissure is well over 100 meters Silfra Fissure is located in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland, the Silfra dive site is approximately 60 kilometres (a 45-minute drive) from Reykjavik. Si..

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Silfra Fissure: A Majestic Experience Between Two Continents. Silfra Fissure, Iceland, sits between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.A large earthquake in 1789 caused several fissures to open up, but the Silfra Fissure, in Iceland 's Thingvellir National Park, was the only one that was filled with glacial meltwater.. Now, people can enjoy the wonders of this natural phenomenon. Entdecken Sie das Unterwasser-Wunderland unter der glitzernden Oberfläche der Silfra-Schlucht im Nationalpark Thingvellir auf diesem 2-stündigen Schnorchelausflug. Ein zertifizierter Padi-Tauchleiter führt Sie durch das kristallklare, himmlisch blaue Wasser der Silfra Fissure. Erkunden Sie die Silfra-Schlucht, ihre Entstehung und wunderbare Umgebung auf diesem 2-stündigen Erlebnis in. Erleben Sie eine verzaubernde Unterwasserwelt You will experience a truly breath-taking experience, as you drift peacefully through the electric blue waters of the Silfra Fissure. The water is astoundingly clear, because it is glacial water from the Langjökull Glacier, meaning that the temperature is about 2-4 degrees

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  1. Silfra Cathedral is litterally a divine section of Silfra. The beauty wants you to hold your breath. The depth of the fissure is about 20 meters at the deepest point and from the beginning to the end the cathedral is about 100 meters long. Divers and Snorkelers can see right across from one end to the other. To gaze through this section with the lava rock walls falling straight down is one of.
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  3. The Silfra fissure is a crack between the North American and Eurasian continental plates. It's the only place in the world where you can dive or snorkel directly between two continental plates. The underwater visibility in the Silfra fissure is over 100 meters, making it some of the clearest water on the planet
  4. La fissure de Silfra Bericht Art des Kunstwerks Original-Kunstwerk Maße 24,8x15x15 in Il est parfois difficile de visiter certaines merveilles que la nature a créées. C'est le cas de la Silfrugjá ou Silfra, une faille naturelle d'Islande située dans le parc national de Þingvellir, un lieu très prisé des amateurs de plongée-sous-marine. Qu'à cela ne tienne, Aquarilis relève le.
  5. For more info visit: http://www.divesilfra.is Þingvellir, Arnessysla, Iceland Silfra Fissure is one of the world's most exceptional snorkeling sites! In the.
  6. From above Silfra, looks like just a normal rock fissure with some water in it, but the moment that you put your head down into the water, you will be amazed at how beautiful and clear it is. The nice thing about snorkeling through Silfra, is that there is a slight current, so you can paddle yourself and use your flippers, but actually if you prefer to just sit there and enjoy, the current.

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Snorkelling Trips to Silfra in the National Park Thingvellir are operated by DIVE.IS. We conduct a variety of different Snorkeling Day Tours, such as the all time bestseller, the Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour or a number of Combo Tours where you can combine Snorkeling in Silfra with the Golden Circle or Caving in a lava tube or a visit to the Blue Lagoon or Horseback Riding or more.. Silfra is located in Thingvellir National Park, about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. The Silfra fissure is a crack between the North American and Eurasian continental plates. As it is located in a national park, you will need to join a dive tour operator. Diving will be done in a dry suit as the water is very cold, ranging 35.6 F to 39 F year round. There are bathroom facilities you can use before.

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  1. Silfra fissure is COLD. Period. End of Discussion. Because it's fed from glacial melt the water in the fissure hovers consistently between 2-4°C. No matter the season the water temperature stays numbingly cool. Interestingly the Silfra fissure never freezes. In fact you can snorkel Silfra even in the dead of the Icelandic winter due to the.
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